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Who we are

Our clinic has been in operation for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on its ongoing success through reputation and experienced staff. Our current services include chiropractic, manual/athletic therapy, massage therapy and pedorthic services.

We continue to be a leader in biomechanical evaluation and the design of effective orthotic interventions. In addition to offering superior clinical services, we maintain our own laboratory allowing for immediate adjustment and modification to our product.

What we do

Chiropractic: Our Chiropractor specializes in the assessment and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. He provides hands-on treatment focusing on the manipulation of the joints and spine in order to correct misalignments and relieve pain.

Manual/Athletic Therapy: Our Athletic Therapist specializes in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with a focus on athletics and the pursuit of physical activity. He provides hands-on treatment in order to release muscle tension and pain.

Acupuncture: Our chiropractic and manual therapy sessions can include acupuncture treatment as well.

Pedorthic: Our custom by cast foot orthotics are manufactured in our own Ottawa laboratory using a wide variety of materials to precisely meet the needs of each individual patient. We also offer a comprehensive inventory of custom braces, featuring Donjoy Orthopaedics.



Showcase Your Works

Custom made foot Orthotics

With 28 years of Pedorthic experience we are able to recognize individual needs through lower extremity assessments, examination of general foot function and movement, bony palpation, and gait analysis to determine deviations in alignment.

Custom made foot orthotics are fabricated on a three-dimensional positive plaster mould made directly from a negative foam casting of both feet. This mould is taken during the initial assessment appointment.

Our custom foot orthotics are manufactured in house using a wide variety of materials to precisely meet the needs of each individual patient. An appointment to pick up the orthotics is scheduled at the time of assessment.

We offer custom knee braces for both ligament/meniscus injuries and osteo-arthritis degeneration. The dynamic bracing system uses 4 points of leverage to stabilize the knee joint and off load the bone-on-bone irritation in OA cases. It is ideal for high impact sports as well as day-to-day activities. The brace is 100% custom designed to your knee and lifestyle.

*Additional information regarding our pedorthic services can be found at

Our Rates


Adult initial visit $90
Adult regular visit $75
Student initial visit $80
Student regular visit $65
Adjustment only $25


45 Minute Massage $79.65 (with tax $90)
60 Minute Massage $112.31 (with tax $125)
90 Minute Massage $143.76 (with tax $160)


Clinical evaluation and assessment $65
Single pair of adult custom foot orthotics $550
Two pairs of adult orthotics ordered at same time $750
Single pair of youth custom orthotics (under 12) $450
Two pairs of youth orthotics ordered at same time $650
Follow-up appointment within 12 months N/C
Follow-up re-evaluation after 12 months $65
Recovering/refurbishing of orthotics after 12 months $65
Recovering/refurbishing of 2+ pairs of orthotics after 12 months $95

$100 off on your next pair of orthotics when you bring in your casts with you
* All clinical fees waived with manufacturing of orthotics
* We request a $100 deposit on each pair of orthotics ordered. The remaining balance is paid at the time of pick-up

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